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And Another One Gone

 As I write and come up with the title to this post the song by Queen ‘Another one Bites the Dust’ is running through my head.  Another month gone….Another Year comes closer to an end.

Ahhhh  August
This month held a lot for me.  I moved past 37 and into 38….another year closer to 40 (insert cringe emoji).  I met with my Dr about my health and weight, not good news but I have the chance to make it better.  Several books were read, lots of relaxing was done, and preparation for school to start back up.  Bonus of the months going by quickly is I will be done with another semester very soon.  Which means closer to graduation, and starting to sit for my CPA exam.  I am ready for this chapter of my life to be complete and the real $$$ to roll in.  I know life isn’t about how much you earn, but when you have lived poor for as long as I have it means financial stability and that means happiness.
August taught me a few things about myself.  Like I can actually work 1 job and have nothing else on my plate and still find fulfillment.  This was a hard lesson.  B kept telling me to relax, enjoy this time while I have it before school begins again.  So I focused on doing nothing.  It was very hard to switch gears and I fought against it in July.  I can say I know how to stop and relax again.  After 7 years of working at least 2 jobs and going to college it was very hard to do.
I set goals for August (here)….Let’s see how I did
1. Save Money – that didn’t happen.  A few unexpected expenses came up.  However, I did pay down some debt and get 1 month ahead on utilities.  So I feel like this goal was met in a different way.
2. Get More Organized – I did accomplish this.  I went through my desk and cleaned out some drawers in my house.
3. Focus on the direction of Wine & Couture – I posted here that I will be cutting back on blogging.  I want blogging to be fun, and it isn’t lately.  I will post 1-2 times a month, maybe more if something strikes me that I want to share.
What can I say about September?  Labor Day happens during this month.  I think (technically) Fall begins even though NC will stay in the 80’s.  Otherwise it isn’t a monumental month for me.  I am signed up for a Palates class the end of this month at a new studio in Chapel Hill.  This is part of my plan to become more healthy.  Fingers crossed it goes well.
1. Save Money.  Yes I am keeping with the trend lol
2. Focus on School.  I want to get better grades.
3. Put my Husband/Marriage first.  Marriage is hard work, and I want to make sure that mine stays healthy and happy.  I want to focus on my husband this month and give him my support as my life once again becomes hectic.  He sacrifices so much when I am taking class’.
Do you have monthly goals?