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Best Cardigan EVER

 Tank / Jeans / Cardigan / Boots / Bag / Scarf


 photography by Sharon

My scarf was a gift from my mom when she went to Alaska.  I love the vibrant colors.  Even though it’s fall I love soft and bright colors.  Pinks, Blues, and Greens are my color pallet.  I don’t look good in red, orange, or yellow.  However, if you do then you can get this cardigan in mustard.  I love the color but it would look terrible on me.  This cardigan is cashmere and butter soft.  It’s like being wrapped in a cloud.  I will be wearing it a ton this fall/winter.  I wasn’t sure when I ordered it, but other ladies had said it was amazing!  So please take my word for it.
I got these boots last year and wore the heck out of them.  They are a classic style and look bad ass.  A little soft on the top and hard on the bottom lol.