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Easy Hostess Gift – Apple Bread

This past weekend we were invited for dinner at a friends house.  This was our first time there and I wanted to bring something nice as “Thank you for dinner”.  With little time, I searched Pinterest and found a recipe for an Apple Bread.  I knew I had all the ingredients on hand so I set to making the bread.

Honestly this was so easy to make!  My hand mixer died so I mixed everything in my food processor, then hand stirred the flour and baking powder in.  I love baking and trying new recipes, this is defiantly one I will be making again.
I am not sure why I haven’t made more cake from scratch before.  The batter was so easy to make and I controlled what went in.  If you want to lower the sugar you can.  I did include on the recipe card the calorie count.  This helped me judge how big to slice the cake.  Small slices means less calories.
I pealed the apples, then used my apple slicer to remove to core.  Finally to get a nice minced apple I put the slices in my food processor.  This way when you eat the cake you aren’t biting into large chunks of apple.  I spread 1/2 the apple evenly over the batter and lightly pressed them in, then sprinkled the brown sugar mixture.  This made for a pretty look when the cake was sliced!

Of course not being prepared to bake something I struggled with how to package the cake.  Not shown are paper plates that I cut as a board base for the cake to sit on.  Then I wrapped it in Saran Wrap and decorated it with a brown grocery bag and ribbon.  Our friends couldn’t believe I made the cake.  They thought I purchased it because of the packaging.  Then I included a Thank you card.  It was perfect served at room temp, but I see this being great warmed with some vanilla ice cream as well!  The recipe called for a sugar glaze that I left out to keep the calories lower.  Plus with the apple and brown sugar it didn’t need the extra glaze.
What types of Hostess Gifts have you put together last minute?