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Easy Low Cal Dinner

 This meal is 219 calories!  I’ll let that sink in a moment.

 Being a fashion blogger I have learned how to stand to hide my weight.  I will never forget going to see my sister and her surprise at how much different I looked in person.  I am 5’9″ and weighed 175lb.  If you can’t figure it out I wore a size 10-12.  Top that off with digestion issues, my stomach bloated everyday terribly.  I was uncomfortable and unhappy.  This over flowed in my marriage.  My husband would say “I love you no matter what, but you aren’t happy.”  It took me 9 months before I could actually do something.  Sad right.  I hate exercise.  Fad diets don’t work.  Stress eating is very real.  So what did I do?

I went to the Dr for my annual check up the end of August.  I mentioned to him my weight concern along with my almost constant heart burn.  Heart disease is very real in my family.  My father passed at 60 from it.  I am beyond worried I will have it.  When my test results came back my Triglycerides were very high.  This means my risk of heart disease is certain if something doesn’t change.  Fat in the blood gives you triglycerides.  So I really did need to deal with my fat.  Enter the nutritionist.
At 38 weight just doesn’t fall off.  I was honest and up front with both my Dr and nutritionist that I am not an exercise kinda gal.  We had to find another way.  Imagine a two year old stomping their foot and dramatically crossing their arms over their chest.  Yup not gonna happen.  My nutritionist told me to download ‘My Fitness Pal’ on my phone and to start (honestly) logging my food and beverages.  Then she said to email her my log in after two weeks of use.  So of course having complete vanity I cut way back on a few things……wine.  After two weeks I emailed her and she replied.  5% of alcohol is calories, to eat more fruits and veggies, and that for weight loss eat between 1200-1300 calories.
It’s been 8 weeks and I weigh 163lb!  Dr said I am loosing average 1lb a week.  For sustainable weight loss this is positive and I haven’t added exercise.  However, I will admit that I received a Fitbit Charge HR from my sister and have tried to get between 5-7k steps a day.  There is even a challenge to walk 250 steps every hour for 8 hours.  So I take the stairs and go to a different floor in my office building for potty breaks.
Now this all leads to this Low Cal dinner!  Finding lower calorie meals is a top priority.  I mean I need some calories for wine, priorities.  First I realized eating out is super hard and totally high in calories.  So I do my best to cook at home where I control the calories.  Turkey chili is so easy (crockpotting the whole way) and good for me.
Ground Turkey
Chili seasoning – we get the store brand cause it’s awesome
Diced Tomato
Black Beans
I usually cook the Turkey and seasoning first, then add the tomato and beans.  We hate pinto beans, but you are welcome to use whatever you like.
I use light Daisy sour cream and mild cheddar cheese
We have been loving Trader Joe’s Beer Bread.  Just add beer and bake.  It is so good! 
To keep the calories low I slice the bread real thin.
If you have been on the fence about your weight I hope I have inspired you and gave you some idea’s on how to be healthy and lose weight.  Of course please consult your doctor before starting any diet.