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Saturday Morning Coffee Routine

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photography by Sharon

Coffee and I have a love hate relationship.  I didn’t drink coffee until I met my husband.  To say he drinks a whole pot in a morning is very true.  He loves coffee, black.  I started to try coffee with creamers when I met him (age 22).  When I turned 30 and we were frustrated with infertility problems my doctor asked me to cut out all caffeine, goodbye coffee.  After almost a year of tests we decided to stop.  My husband has 2 children (grown now 23 and 20), so I decided having a child of my own wasn’t in the cards.  I know, I know there are other ways…..Thank you.  My life is different than most.  My husband is 6 years older and not prepared to start his life over at this point.  I also don’t really like children.  I do love my nephews very much, and focus on being an amazing Aunt.  I know I am getting off topic.  I haven’t shared about my infertility on here before.  I guess because people tend to have opinions and a woman who chooses not to have children (granted God kinda chose for me) doesn’t usually go over well.  Yes, I am sad sometimes that I haven’t created life; but in the end I am happy I don’t have a child.  Instead of packing a child’s lunch, I pack one for myself and my husband.  Instead of pick up lines at school, I get home early to cook gourmet meals.  Instead of sporting events on the weekend, I spend my weekends giving back to my community.  I never judge women who have children, I am happy for them.  In the end it isn’t for me.  Anyhow, it took me years to start drinking coffee again.  I have found I love iced coffee.  Year Round.  I take the left over coffee from my husband’s pot, which is twice a week cause he is rushing out the door to work, and I use a shot glass to measure the flavored non-sugar creamer.  It’s my favorite.  Usually when I get Starbucks it’s a Chai Tea Latte, or my current fav Medical Ball (technically a tea).
How do you like your coffee?
Stay tuned….I will be sharing low calorie meals this month!