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Men’s Gift Set

I am starting my gift set series with Men.  These are products tried and loved by my own man.
Shh, don’t tell but several men in my family will be receiving these products for Christmas.

I met April #GirlBoss owner of Be Pure Beauty about 2 years ago at a blog event.  I had a few friends who are all about Green Beauty and would take them to her store.  I thought, Oh I’m good with my makeup.  I kept receiving free products to try from the big name brands. and wanted full coverage due to some skin irregularities.  I was certain I wouldn’t get what I needed from green beauty.  I mean my friends who wore it didn’t really wear makeup or didn’t need the coverage I did.

On one trip, to actually talk about Accounting, I asked April about Schmidt’s natural deodorant.  I suffered from a terrible sweat problem, no matter what I did I would sweat like a linebacker. [See my review of  natural deodorant here.]  After switching and detoxing I slowly got more intrigued with green beauty.  April moved locations and is now closer to me, and near the stores I shop in (Trader Joe’s).  Of course being me, my next purchase was a Lavender Linen spray.  Then I picked up the Beard Tonic for my husband.  If I am going green so is he!

I have since switched from MAC to 100% Pure and Vapour lip stick.  My latest is from Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation to Nu Evolution Foundation.  We also use soap, lip balm, and face wash from Be Pure Beauty.  I still have to switch my blush, bronzer, and eye makeup.  Being money conscious I need to use the makeup I have, then I will switch to green.  I hate wasting!

Which brings me to my Gift Guide Series!  I wanted to share some items you can give as gifts to the people in your lives.  Starting the series with “Men’s Gift Set”.  Next will be “Ladies Gift Set”, followed by “For Everyone Gift Set”.  All the products I am sharing are Green Products that will be good for anyone in your life.  Items are Gluten Free.  I will also tell you the price point before tax, plus these gift sets will qualify for Free shipping!  You can order online or go to the store.

My hubby has a massive beard all winter and loves the beard tonic to keep his beard healthy and looking good.  This highly nourishing oil based beard tonic combines natural plant oils that promote a healthier looking beard while moisturizing the skin beneath.

In the summer when he shaves clean he uses Post Shave to sooth his skin.  This spray is easy to use, just spritz and rub it in after shaving.  The aloe will sooth the skin and with cedar and citrus he smells so good.

Being he does construction his body takes a beating.  At least 2 times a week he will soak in the bath using Recover and this Detox Brush.  His body relaxes and his skin isn’t like sandpaper to the touch.  Rough hands are apart of the package when you work in construction.  I love the description for Recover – Let this awesome warming soak bring your muscles the relief they have been begging for.

This gift set is $76
It will last for months.  We replenish his Beard Tonic about every 3-4 months.

I love gift sets that last.