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Home Tour

I don’t often show my home on here for two reasons.  1. It’s in chaos. 2. I have a non-traditional home and people can be so judgy.  With that being said, welcome to my tiny home.
brace yourself this is a little long
I’m very serious when I say tiny.  We currently rent a 984 sq ft home.  It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.  The house is on 3/4 acre of land in the country.  My husband and I live outside most of the time (see my front porch post here).  Also, keep in mind we are a married couple without children.  So living in a smaller space doesn’t bother us.  He is either on the front porch, back yard, or living room.  Where I am either on the sun porch, kitchen, or our guest / closet room.  This post will feature our dining room and living room.
Table items:  Table Cloth / Chairs / Pumpkin / Greenery / Chargers / Dinner Plates / Salt & Pepper shaker / Similar Napkins / Salad plates were my grandmothers here is a similar style along with the wine glasses here
The pine cones I got from our front yard and painted them gold

 This year I am hosting Thanksgiving.  My mom and her husband will join us for a low key relaxing meal. I have a 14lb Turkey and will serve mashed potato, stuffing, green bean casserole, fresh cranberry sauce, a fruit and cheese plate, and of course gravy.  My mom is bringing the pie!

The sideboard you see above is actually the island from my childhood home.  I grew up in an 1870 farmhouse, which is why I love where we live now and will end up purchasing an older home that needs love.  My father [was] and husband are carpenters, which means having construction around me is a walk in the park.  I plan to gut and design a country kitchen around this piece of furniture.  In the mean time it is serving as a buffet, pantry, and storage area.  In my home we call it the ‘island’ because that is what is was built for and will be again one day.

Most of my serving dishes are from my grandmother but I linked similar items.
I love slowly adding Christmas decor during Thanksgiving.  Like this red bowl and gold ornaments.  I have a lot of items in my home that I received from my Grandmother, or purchased in specialty shops, but I have tried to link similar items.
The little tree I picked up last year, it’s been re-potted but it’s super cute with little ornaments tied on with pipe cleaners.  I added some berries to the pot this year to make it even more festive.  I have seen these plants at Home Depot this year.

Our bar cart is ever changing.  I add decor for each season.  It’s so easy and fun to change it up.  I got  a decanter set for my husband 2 years ago.  I usually get him a real nice bottle of whiskey to fill it with each year (cause they can get expensive).  Clearly it’s time for a new bottle, lol.

I pick up a variety of alcohol for Thanksgiving.  My mom loves spiced rum, her husband loves vodka and bailey’s, my husband is a Crown man, and I like it all lol.  I also picked up an egg nog from the ABC store which already has the brandy in it.

My little reindeer came from Target a few years ago.  He is a cute addition to the bar cart along with the garland [$3 at Target], this is one garland that I cut into 4 strips and doubled them wrapped around the legs and arm.

One thing I do is whenever I am in a store that sells drink napkins I purchase at least 1.  I keep these in a drawer and actually have a napkin for any occasion.  These are perfect for Thanksgiving “In all things Give Thanks”.

Some decorations I keep up year round.  Like the logs and candles.  Usually the candles are in front of the fireplace, but with a fire going I move them to behind the wood.   My husband is so funny about the wood, he keeps wanting to burn it and I tell him no to go get the wood from outside and this wood is decor.

A client of my husband’s (home repair job) made the cross for us.  It is really cool because it has pieces for every religion.  She hand selected and made it, which I think is super cool.  We keep this on the mantle year round.
Snacks are always out in my home.  This tray is perfect to hold and serve snacks, plus keep puppy noses away.  You will find cheese, hummus, and crackers are always on hand.  During this time of year I put out the yummy candy cane pretzels.
We don’t go big for Christmas, with a small house and cats that climb, a tree isn’t realistic for us.  Plus this year we are going to the beach for Christmas so decor will be a minimum.
 This year I added a few new mini trees!  The one above is from At Home for $9.99, and the one below I found in a Moon and Lola store for $19.99.  Sadly neither of these are available online.
 I added the greenery from the pumpkin above to give the tree a little something extra.  I love adding to something that is already awesome!
Do you have a go to decoration or home decor style?