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Snow Day

OMG We got snow!  It started snowing on Friday and continued into Saturday.  These pics were actually taken in Virginia where I went to visit with family.  I will say we didn’t get this much snow in NC, but my house had a nice dusting on the trees and ground.  Thank goodness the ground was too warm and the roads stayed clear!  I love looking at snow like this.  It is so beautiful and found myself staring out the window sipping coffee admiring what God gave us.
 I ordered this coat on an amazing deal!  You can still get this $260 coat for $69 but hurry.  Trust me it is well worth the purchase.  My husband said this was the most practical coat I have ever bought lol.  It comes past my butt, has an amazing lining, and the hood is perfect.  I was very warm wearing this and a long sleeve cotton shirt.  The pockets are big enough to hold anything.
 Since the weekend was a Holiday gathering I broke out my Nars Red lip color “Cruella”.  It is long lasting and stays on when you are sipping wine.  I have to wear red with a blue undertone instead of the orange or yellow undertone.  This is the perfect color in my opinion.

 What did you do this weekend?