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Closet Staples

 Photography by Sharon

I am all about staple items in my closet.  Last year I purchased a ton of cardigans; so this year I focused on pull over sweaters.  I prefer the crew neck vs a V neckline.  Plus this sweater comes down a little longer in the back, so when I bend over it won’t ride up.  Also, I want to point out my boots.  I can’t wear heels due to tendonitis, so finding fun flat boots has been my mission.  I found these a few years back and love how comfortable it is.  These biker style are a fun way to change up an outfit.  Please remember to cuff your jeans and not have them go inside the boot.  Trust me your look will be complete with a simple cuff.
Well it’s 2018!  I still can’t believe 2017 went by as quickly.  I rung in the new year by my mom’s side.  She has had some health issues, but is on the road to recovery.  Next up is my husband’s shoulder surgery.  Sigh, 2018 is not starting out the best.  I am keeping my hopes high and praying that God’s plan will end in positivity!