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Perfect Transition Vest + Giveaway

I lived in this vest when I was in the hospital and now find a ton of ways to style it.  I love popping the collar of a button down when wearing a vest, makes me feel so preppy. 

While my mom was in the hospital my “Nana” brought me a pizza and a DSW giftcard to cheer me up.  I dragged my husband with me to find a comfortable pair of booties.  I wanted black, and something that would work with these jeans.  I tried on about 8 pair and found these.  I wasn’t over the moon that they are a suede material but I loved the feel of them.  It’s like they are already broken in.  So I bought them.  I have worn them so much since and love how easy they are to slip on and how nice they look with jeans.  Hands down my favorite shoe purchase in a while.

Ladies I am so sorry for slapping up a post and not writing much.  On top of my terrible January it ended with me getting a head cold.  Below is a link up and a giveaway!