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Banana Button Down

Happy Friday dolls!  Today is my wonderful Husband’s birthday!
Happy B-Day B!  I love you.Button Down / Pants / Wedges / Purse / Earrings /
When I wear this shirt I think of the Minion’s Movie!  “BANANA”  It makes me smile.

photography by Sharon

Button Down / Pants / Wedges / Purse /
Spring is fast approaching and I love to add a few new fun pieces to my wardrobe.  This top is from Old Navy, can we take a second to talk about how much ON has stepped up their game!  I mean a few years ago it was like the quality just dropped, but now their stuff is cute and a better quality.  I went to ON recently with a friend for a try on session.  Hopefully you caught it on IG Stories.  Anyhow, I purchased this top and a pair of jeans.  Hands down the jeans are a win!  They are comfortable and sit perfectly on my waist (mid rise).

I hope you like the new site.  It has been live for about two weeks.  After some issues with Blogger I made the decisions to switch to Word Press.  A friend connected me with a computer wizard who helped me facilitate the switch.  I have to say I am loving Word Press and how flexible it is to make changes!  If you were ever curious about switching away from Blogger, I highly recommend it.  I have my server with Digital Ocean, and my domain with Go Daddy (no reason to move mid year).  I had heard so many people tell me Word Press was difficult to navigate but I have had no issues with it.  I love adding and updating my navigation bar!

This year started with stress and my mother having open heart surgery.  I took a break from blogging while I was by her side.  I then decided to just cut back on blogging and was not being consistent.  After getting my stride back I have adjusted my blog schedule one more time.  You will see blog posts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I plan to have Friday be “Fashion Friday”.  Nothing sucks more than seeing a cute outfit when you are broke, am I right?!  Monday and Wednesday’s will be recipe, travel / exploring, items I am loving, or Lessons with an Accountant.  I hope you find my new rhythm enjoyable and continue to read.  The next Lessons with an Accountant post will be on Debt and my personal experience on Monday.

Have a great weekend!