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Dedication to Sammich

Monday we lost our Sammich.  Something caused him to run into the road and he was hit by a car.
I had planned to post a recipe today but felt like I needed to remember Sam.

The first Habitat location my husband built a home in there were a ton of feral cats.  Usually the cats stayed away from the people, but on occasion they would find one inside a house.  One sunny day my husband was sitting on a newly built deck eating his sandwich when this tiny little white kitten came up to him.  B pulled out some meat and held it for the kitten.  He walked up and gobbled it up.  Each day my husband would sit down to eat lunch and this little guy would come around.  This is how he got his name, Sammich.

After a week of sharing his lunch my husband started to send me pictures and video’s of this little guy.  He was so small and chatty.  He had the cutest meow.  My heart started to melt.  Earlier that year we lost both our senior boy cats, Romeo and Eeyore.  So we had room for a new family member.  One Sunday we rode out to the job site.  I jumped out of the truck and started walking around looking for Sammich.  A home owner was walking their dog and we asked if he saw a white kitten.  He said “Yes, up the street a few minutes ago.”  I scared both my husband and the man when I started yelling “Sammi, Sammich, come here”.  Next thing you know little Sammi came running down the street and right up to me.  I picked him up, smiled, and climbed in the truck.  My husband and the man just looked at me then each other.  It was the funniest thing you would have seen.

Currently at home we have 2 dogs; Poopaw is 13 and Dolly is 9.  Dolly is very hyper, but then show me an Australian Shepard that isn’t.  She loves to dance around our other cat, Sweetness.  I was very worried she would hurt Sammi when we brought him home because of how small he was.  They fell in love with each other right away.  They would wrestle and play with each other for hours.  A few times you would hear a squeak from Sammi when she would step on him or be too rough.  As you can see from above they cuddled all the time.

One time while outside we saw Sam take on a Tom Cat twice his size who came into our yard.  I was shocked at how Sam kicked his butt so easily.  B laughed and said rough housing with Dolly made him tough and strong.  That Tom still comes around but when he would see Sam he would go away quickly.
After about 2 weeks of having Sam we took him to the vet.  We were sure he was like 2 months old.  Come to find out he was 4 months almost 5.  Because he was feral he had not received enough nutrients to help him grow.  Don’t worry though he caught up real fast.  My little guy went from teeny tiny to solid muscle in a matter of 6 months.  My little guy wasn’t so little anymore.  We have a cat door in the house so they can come and go as they wish.  Sam became quite the hunter, mostly at night.  Many nights we were woken by screeches from some animal he brought in the house barely alive so he could play with it in a confined space.  From squirrels to rabbits, even birds; Sammich caught them all and brought them inside.  We would find a pile of feathers in the living room, a mole in the dining room, and rabbits hiding behind the toilet in the bathroom.  There was never a dull moment with my little Sammi.

As much of a hunter as he was, Sam was a sweet loving cat.  He loved to cuddle; with B, myself, or Dolly.  He was incapable of walking past anything without rubbing his body or hooking his tail on it.  My husband lost a few beers and cups of coffee thanks to his tail.  He would often be found on top of Sweetness cleaning her, sitting next to Poopaw, or playing with Dolly.  When we would pull in the driveway and park the car he would jump on the hood and run up to the windshield to greet us.  He was dearly loved and will be dearly missed.  Our family has a hole now that can never be filled because of the personality Sam contributed.


Sammich Lee
May 2016 – March 2018