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Getting Dressed with Cladwell

Recently I learned of an app that is making my life easy!
Cladwell App
(this is Not a sponsored post)
Basically it’s your whole closet in an app, then based on the day of the week and weather 3 outfit options are given to you.
Yes, you can select your own outfit from the thousand possibles in your closet.  As you can see I have 28K possible outfits!  For me this really puts things into perspective.  I have so much in my wardrobe!

Up front, this app does have a monthly recurring fee of $7.99.  You do get a 3 day free trial.Hands down I love this app.
Even as a Life and Style Blogger I have a hard time getting dressed.
This app allows me to sort by a specific items, like a pair of shoes or pants, to see outfit options.

To start you select generic items from their list to build your closet.  You can also take a picture of your clothing and load it into the app if you can’t find a similar item.  Like I did for my Ruffle Sleeve top.

You can edit a suggested outfit.  For example the outfit above suggested a cardigan and I knew I wanted to pair this with a bomber jacket.  So I changed it in the app and logged it.  After some time the app will understand your style and suggest outfits you are more likely to wear.

You can see the temp for the day, which makes getting dressed so much easier.  The above outfit is what I wore on Saturday.  I decided to add a graphic sweatshirt to this outfit for added layering because I knew I wouldn’t be warm enough with just the bomber.  Also, I styled this outfit with a black beanie.  I was chic and warm as I ran my errands.

The one thing I am always saying is my wardrobe needs to work OT for me!  This is the perfect way for that to happen.
Another feature I love is the Capsule wardrobe.  You click on the clock and it gives you a shopping guide and capsule guide.

Of course I have not logged my whole wardrobe, mostly items I know I love to wear.  Also, I left out most of my Winter items since Spring is coming.  One last feature I will mention is the different ‘closets’ you can create.  Weekend, Work, whatever you think of.  Come Monday morning when you are tired and are on the struggle bus, just open Cladwell and you will have 3 work outfits to select from.  Removing 1 Monday morning stresser.  Take the extra time to sip your coffee, pack your lunch, or catch up on social media.  I know I will enjoy the extra time in the morning!

All in all this is a great app and one I highly recommend.  This is also something you could gift to a family member.  I have 2 cousins who would highly benefit from this app!


What app are you loving?