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Products I am Loving!

I have been switching to Green Beauty products more and more.  Some people may balk at the price, but I figure for what I am getting and subjecting my skin to, it is well worth it!  The pigments from the makeup are on point and the products smell so good and make my skin and hair feel amazing!

I am going to share my recent switches and what I was using before.

To start……Foundation!

I was using Este Lauder Double Wear foundation.  I have skin pigmentation and need a full coverage foundation.  I talked to April (owner of Be Pure Beauty) about my need to full coverage and she turned in onto Nu Evolution.  I get the same full coverage without all the nasty ingredients my skin doesn’t need.
Then April let me know all about Toner!  I have mentioned before that I didn’t grow up around women wearing much makeup other than lipstick.  So Toner, Primer, basically everything was foreign to me.  April actually makes Hidden Forest, so I know exactly what she puts in it.  I love both the Bright and the Calm toner’s.  I use Bright in the AM and Calm in the PM.  My face feels so much better after using it.  I follow my toner with Acure day cream.  My face is moisturized and ready for foundation.  Hands down the best switch I made.  I had been using Neutrogena daily lotion, but my face didn’t stay moisturized all day.

The most recent item I have switched to is the Acure Towelettes.  Again I had been using Neutrogena makeup wipes.  With the Acure I don’t feel a film on my face after using.  Plus the price is the same, accept I get more towelettes!  It’s a win win!
Another must switch was my lipsticks!  I had been using MAC and loved the pigmentation and staying power of the product.  Again I went to April and said I don’t know what is in MAC and I know I eat my lipstick.  She turned me on to Vapour first.  I love the pigmentation and staying power of the lipstick.  Next I wanted a moisture rich lip color that was soft and almost understated, in comes 100% Pure.  The lip stick is so moist and perfect for a more natural look.  Finally I wanted the perfect nude!  Again 100% Pure came to my rescue with their Coco Butter Matte lipstick!  I love this shade (Pink Canyon).  Bonus of living close to Be Pure Beauty is I get to try on the makeup before I buy it, this way I know what I am getting and that it will go with my skin tone.

My most recent switch was to Plaine Products for my Shampoo!  I have been thinking lately about waste.  What impact do I have on our carbon footprint?  I thought about products I use and the waste they create.  I already use my own grocery bags, and if I forget them I get paper bags because we can use them to start fires.  Recently I have been hearing about ladies not using plastic for a month.  I do recycle but I wondered if there was more I could do.  On a recent IG Story by my friend Molly she talked about Plaine Products and how the bottles are reused and refilled.  You sign up for a monthly subscription, mine is every 3 months.  They automatically send you the products you signed up for, when you receive them you take your empty bottle rinse it out and put it in the box and send it back.  Basically swapping one bottle for another.  Plus the shampoo is a Green Beauty product!  I feel better about washing my hair now.  I will be switching my handsoap and other items in my home very soon.  Best part is it’s shipped to you so no running to the store!  I love ordering online and not having to remember something while I am out.

I have learned so much about Green Beauty and being sustainable.  You can learn more from the companies websites
Be Pure Beauty and Plaine Products  (discount code wineandcouture)

Shop items:
Nu Evolution Foundation / 100% Pure Matte Lip / 100% Pure Lip / Vapour Lip / Acure Lotion / Acure Makeup Wipes / Hidden Forest Toner / Plaine Products Shampoo


Do you use Green Beauty Products?  If so please share, I am always looking for new ways to improve what I use.