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The Most Delish

I was given an opportunity to try The Most Delish meal box. It’s a fun night with family or Friends.  I packed this for my trip to see my sister and her family.  My oldest nephew “S” helped me prepare the meal.  We had fun working in the kitchen together.

In the box comes instructions, how to play the game, individual chef cards, seasoning packets, noodles, sauces, and tea.  I selected the Western version of the Bone Beef Broth Soup as we are not a spicy family.  Plus I wanted to make sure my youngest nephew “A” would be able to eat it.  In the packet we were given a shopping list of what we needed at the store.  For the Oxtail, Beef, and Veggies I spent about $35.  The dinner fed 5 people (3 Adults) and we had left overs.  Hands down we could taste the difference in using the Oxtail as they suggested.  At first I wasn’t sure about it but it made a huge difference in the taste of the soup. 

As you can see there are 4 Chef’s, which we split between us.  It’s important to review the instructions first before starting anything to know what goes where and when.  I made the mistake of cooking my noodles and the Bok Choy before it was time, so I had to warm them when it was time to eat.  My sister doesn’t let the boys have tea, so we did not prepare this.  As I’m sure you know if you have a kid in the house then they get what you have.  It will be a nice treat to have over the long weekend.

Warning: We did use several pots / pans and bowls.  I ended up washing everything once we completed the step so there weren’t so many dishes piled up.

Another ingredient I wasn’t sure of was the Bok Choy.  I never had it and was worried my nephew’s wouldn’t like it.  A called it lettuce and gobbled it up right away.  He was so cute.

All in all I was so glad to have tried this meal and will defiantly try another one.

Have you tried meal plans or boxes like this?