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Exploring Midlothian


I love going to VA and visiting my Cousin and Aunt.  They live in Midlothian (outside Richmond), which is an awesome town with great food and shopping!  Upon arriving my cousin and I headed to First Watch for brunch.  Sadly they don’t serve alcohol, but that ended up being a good thing because we had a busy day planned.  I got the Elevated Egg Sandwich, which was AMAZING!  My cousin got the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, she said they were SO GOOD!

I tried the Iced Coffee.  Their description is “Creamy, Sweet, cold and refreshing”.  I love my coffee creamy and sweet, usually restaurants fall short of accomplishing this, but First Watch did not!  Their Iced Coffee was amazing.  I did find out that you can order one to go, so if you have a First Watch in your area stop in for a quick Iced Coffee.  SO GOOD!

After power shopping, no like we went to 8 stores and it took like 5 hours, we headed into town on Broad Street to try The Richmond Wine Station.  I opened a tab, but my cousin’s pre-paid their wine card.  Basically they give you a chipped card that you insert into the wine dispenser and select the quantity of wine you want to taste or sip.  $1.75 gets you a taste, $3+ for 3oz, and $5+ for 6oz.  I tasted like 8 wines.  It was so fun reading the wine description and then tasting it.  The wine I really didn’t like I turned in my glass and got a new one. They have a small menu of wine appropriate foods.  We ordered the Cheese plate (small) and the Charcuterie platter.  The pairings of crackers, cheese, fruit, and wine was amazing.  5 types of cheese, some cheese crisps, figs, dried apricots, dried cranberries, almonds, honey, fruit wafers and water crackers.  It was so good mixing things and sipping wine while we caught up.  I had so much fun!  I will say it is easy to get carried away tasting wines.  I think my tab was like $20 and I didn’t get more than a taste of each wine I tried.The Charcuterie platter was served with mozzarella balls that were so fresh.The next time you find yourself near Richmond plan a food stop!  These were the only two places we went because my Aunt is an amazing cook (with the seasoning help of my cousin).

Have you been to Richmond area?  If so where did you go to eat?