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Flower Arranging

As you saw from Monday’s post I was in VA this past weekend.  My Aunt and Cousin are both in their local Garden club and make amazing arrangements!  I knew I wanted to learn some tips of making amazing arrangements, so I said I am coming tech me!  After eating and shopping, which I picked up this picture for $4.50 at Home Goods [gotta love home goods], we went to Trader Joe’s for flowers! Yup TJ has the best flowers, especially for the price.  I picked up 6 bunches of flowers and accents.  My favorite flower is the Hydrangea and my favorite accent is Eucalyptus.

Items to purchase:
* Flowers
* Wet Oasis (make sure it is soft, don’t get the hard green foam)
* Flower Fresh or FloraLife

Here are the steps to take prior to arranging!
1. get a bucket.  Add water and Flower Fresh (usually the packets that come with the flowers will do, but if you are doing major arrangements I suggest picking up some FloraLife)
2. trim a tiny bit off the ends of your flowers at an Angle, the angle is very important.  Place flowers in bucket of water, this is called ‘Conditioning’
3. get a container big enough for oasis.  Add water and flower fresh, then add brick.  Let it soak for 20-30 min Flowers I used:
Berries (also come in pink)
(working on the name of the light green plant)

The 6 bunches were more than enough to make 2 very full arrangements.
My style is considered traditional.  I get my inspo from Fig and Twigs , her arrangements give me life!

Now it’s time to arrange your flowers.  Put your Oasis in the pitcher, it is soft so it will smush so you can cut it into shape.  I recommend using an old kitchen knife to cut it.  Pull out a flower and cut the end off in a deep angle almost like a stake point.  Use your larger flowers, like the Hydrangea as the ‘base’.  We put it in the front so the leaves could hang over the edge of the pitcher.  Then work with a color and start filling in.  Take your time, set the flower on the foam to see if you need to adjust it and then push in.  The foam is perfect to use if you want items to come out of the side some, like I did.  We just put the flowers in sideways.  I took steps back to see where I needed to fill in.  Also, don’t be afraid to cut bunches up.  The Thistle comes 3-4 on a stem, we cut each bloom off and put in the arrangement separate.  Remember that nothing is permanent, you can move the flowers around as you step away and come back to it.  When you are done, add more water from the bucket to the picture.

Pro Tip’s

If your Hydrangea goes limp, put it in the sink with water, trim the end and lightly spray the petals with water.  Give it 5-10 min then put back in arrangement with more water.
On the ride home one of my Hydrangea’s wasn’t in water and wilted, so I did the above and it came back!

You can use Chicken Wire instead of Oasis!