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My Favorite Things

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things with you.
Also, I feel bad for slacking this week on blogging.

First, up is this new Dry Shampoo.  I was using Dry Bar, and I love it.  I will totally continue using it on day 2 & 3, but I wanted something to extend my hair past day 5.  I saw this new dry shampoo on an InstaStory and had to try it, especially when the girl said she had day 6 hair.  So I got it, and tried it on Day 5 hair…..OMG my hair looks amazing.  Usually on day 5 I have to wear my hair up because it looks a little dirty.  With one application before bed on night 4 and a little touch up on the morning of 5 I was able to wear my hair down.  The texture is hard to explain, it’s defiantly dirty but visually it looks clean.  All in all I am happy and will continue to use it.  Defiantly a try if you have dark hair.

I have mentioned here the Cladwell App that I am using.  Recently I took the time to photograph many items in my closet and uploaded them so my outfit selections can be more accurate.  A few items are new to my closet, and I wanted to share them with you.  Top / Pants / Jacket below are the new sandals I have added to my Summer wardrobe.  I took a trip to Nordstrom during lunch and tried on sandals.  It was hard to decide and took a while because I was texting a girlfriend to get advice.  These two pair came home with me and I am so happy.  I have several items by Caslon and love the quality and style of their pieces.

Caslon Cammy Platform Slide Sandal



Caslon Claire Slingback

Last I have been enjoying Audible.  I signed up for a free trial and selected The Alienist as the book to listen to.  I love murder mysteries and this one was amazing!  Right down to the end of the book there were twists and turns.  I listened to this at work, in the car, and even at home when cooking.  If you enjoy murder mysteries then you should check this out.

What items are you loving right now?