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Dressing Up Jeans

Blouse / Jeans / Sandals / Sunglass 

photography by Sharon

I wanted to share what I typically wear to work.  Since my office is closed to the public I can wear almost anything.  I love dressing up though, so I tend to dress up my jeans.  This top I snagged at Target on clearance but I linked a similar option from Target.  Also, I want to chat about these sandals!  I have been dreading sandal season this year.  I knew I needed a few new pair but couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  Comfort is so crucial for me since I have tendentious in both Achilles tendons, which means wedges and heels are out.  If I wear them for longer than 4 hours I won’t be able to walk the next day.  Flats are my life.  These sandals by Caslon are unbelievably soft.  The leather is like butter and the sole is soft and cushioned.  Hands down my favorite pair of sandals ever!

I mentioned recently that I found a new dry shampoo, well the hair you see here is day 6!  Yup, day 6 hair has a benefit.  Lots of texture and volume for an amazingly big messy bun!