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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.
So many bloggers post items or stores you should shop in for Mom.
I wanted to share a different idea with you.  Time.  You can never give enough time to your mom.

This is my mom.  In January she had Open Heart Surgery and then a week later surgery on her corroded artery.  It was a very scary and stressful time for our family.  I am lucky enough to have a great job that let me work from the hospital and be by her side for almost 3 weeks.  At one point we weren’t sure if she would come through 100%, she had a stroke after the open heart surgery.  I vowed that I would make spending time with her a priority.  So this past weekend I called our neighbor and asked if we could park at her house to go to the beaver pond behind her house.  Usually we walk there but the walk would have been too much for my mom.  I packed snacks in my Picnic Backpack, and we took a cooler with cocktails.  Of course we took fishing gear and chairs

The Beaver Pond we go to is secluded and has some amazing spots to sit in the shade and fish, talk, or rest.  My husband and I come here at least 2 times a month when it’s warm out.  We even have inner tubes and go swimming in July and August.  We have talked about our secret fishing hole for years and my mom was never able to go with us because the walk is long and through the woods.  So asking my neighbor was a rare treat.  We try not to impose on her since she is so nice to let my husband walk through her property to get to the fishing spot.

After a few hours at the pond we went to my house and I cooked dinner.  Steak Street Tacos were our starter, then we split a very nice Ribeye and Corn on the cob.  My mom got to relax and enjoy the day with her family.  This is something I can never wrap in a box.  So this Mother’s day consider giving your mom time.  I am sure she will relish in the memories and great conversation!


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