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Outdoor Decor update

Last year April I did a blog post on Small Space Living where I shared how I decorate our small front porch.
This year I did a little updating and wanted to share a few changes we made.

My husband got me this lounge chair a few years ago and I love sitting on it to do homework when the weather is nice.  This year I have been all about Blue and Aqua color.  I redid our bathroom in blues and our Kitchen.  Well I took the color update outside.  I found this long pillow at Kirkland’s on clearance for $4.99, all because it was missing a button.  I was so excited, I knew I could get a button to replace it for so little.  When I got home and showed B, he said why do the buttons have to show, couldn’t you just turn it around?  Um, yeah I guess I could lol.  So that’s what I did.  I flipped the pillow around.  I can always get a button, but at least I can use the pillow now.

Of course the red of this lounger has faded a lot, so the teal color really pops!
The striped pillow was picked up from Walmart and really blends with the teal pillow.  I love how this all came together.
As you can tell we don’t like to waste items.  The table had a glass top, after a kitty incident it broke, so we put a large tile on it and put it in the yard.

The front porch got a small update with new seat cushions.  The floral pillows are in great shape so I pulled the teal color from them to tie in the new pillows in the yard.  I feel like it really gives the space new life.
I am looking for the perfect rug to replace the one we have.  I am thinking a Chevron in Tan and White.

Since we rent I tend to fill pots with flowers for our front porch.  We picked up a few plant stands at our local Habitat Restore!

I liked some similar items below.  I hope I gave you a few ideas on how to update your space.