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Plan a Staycation!

We are BIG advocates of Staycations.  For the obvious reason, it’s cheap and we don’t have to find a pet sitter.
I thought I would run down a few idea’s to make your staycation the best!

1. Research your area for things to try / do.  For example my area has a Kayak rental place on the Haw River that’s affordable and hours of fun!  We did this last year, packed a picnic and hit the river.

2. We live close to Lake Jordan which has beaches.  This is free and something fun on a warm day.

3. We are actually 1.5 hour drive from the Carolina Coast.  Planning a day trip to the ocean is low cost and tons of fun.  Pack a picnic and prepare to relax for a day.

4. We love going to the hidden beaver pond to fish and have a picnic.

If you haven’t noticed there is a theme with us……outdoors and picnics.

The key here is to find something you and your significant enjoy doing.  If you enjoy different things, then plan one day for his/her activity and one day for your activity.  Compromise is key.  Also, utilize google!  You may find a local blogger (like me) who has reviewed fun things to do in your area. Plus check your local town’s website for an event calendar.

Flea Market
Farmer’s Market
Beach / Swimming
General Exploring [that restaurant everyone has been talking about]

Here are a few examples of posts I have written – Midlothian, Carrboro, Savannah, Pittsboro

Make sure you plan at least 1 activity or you may find you have spent the whole weekend on the couch.

For Memorial Day Weekend we are planning a Kayak trip, Fishing, and an outdoor movie with a few friends.