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Exploring Chapel Hill

I shared Mebane and the Iron Gate Winery exploring post earlier this month.  While my cousin was in town we also ventured out to the Honeysuckle Tea House in Chapel Hill.

You are free to walk the grounds around the Tea House.  I wouldn’t recommend going further as the Tea House is on 17 acres!  There are raised planter boxes filled with different plants and a sign naming the plant and it’s properties.  For example, Wood Betony which is good for your nerves and stomach as well as headaches.  I learned so much just from the signs.  They do offer tours where you can ask questions.

The actual Tea House is built on top of 4 shopping containers from Norfolk, VA.  It’s built with reclaimed wood and so peaceful.  We were able to sip our tea while the ceiling fans provided a soft breeze.  Sitting and chatting while looking out on the grounds was so relaxing.  Many of the guests were there to work with their laptops; but not us.

Other than tea they offer Smoothies, Wine, Beer, Pastries, Oatmeal, and Loco Pops (local popsicle company).  All locally made either by a partner of the company or another location.  It was so peaceful and the perfect place to go on Sunday afternoon.

I recommend finding tucked away local spots and explore.  I have had so much fun trying new places and plan to find more to try.