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Exploring DC

This past weekend My mom, her husband, and I went to DC to visit my brother.  We are from Northern VA, but my brother has lived in the city for about 10 years.
I thought I would share some fun amazing places we went while there.

Breakfast – Tryst on 18th Street
Um WOW!  The food was amazing.  The environment fun but relaxing.  Of course the Mimosa’s were so good.
This restaurant has been around for 20 years, and for good reason.
I had the Avocado toast which comes with hard boiled egg, radishes, and a spice blend that’s amazing.

My mom requested some culture while we were there that was not on the Mall.
So my brother searched and found the Kennedy Center was having a free Jazz concert at the Millennium Stage
I later learned it is Jazz Week in DC and there were free concerts all over the city.
We heard Veronneau.  They were amazing.  The lady’s voice was just beautiful.
They do serve alcohol at the Kennedy Center.  I did not partake but my brother and SIL both had a beer and wine while listening to the music.

Yes, there is a ton of History in DC and Museums to see, but there is so much more.  Just check the local arts centers for free things like the Jazz Festival.

After the Jazz we went to Guapo’s for dinner.
The food was so good and their picture of Sangria was so tasty!
We did make reservations online, but that was because we had 5 people and wanted to make sure we could be seated.
Parking is hard to find in DC, Guapo’s is next to Whole Foods and will validate parking so you don’t have to pay.

I stayed with my brother, but my mom and her husband stayed at a new hotel The Line.
On Sunday we ate breakfast in their bar area.
The food was a little pricey to me but it was so good.  I had the Breakfast Sandwich.
I think what I love most about DC is the food.  The chef’s put real effort to make amazing food.

After breakfast we ventured up to the roof where we got a view of the city and the Washington Monument.
We chatted with an employee and found they have a bar usually on the roof for guests.

The rooms were a mix of Modern and Contemporary.  It was so nice.  I learned that many of the rooms differ.  This room was $250 per night.
They have rooms that go up to $600 per night.  I heard some of those are like Art rooms and real nice.

To finish my weekend with a bang……I saw Chris Pine at the hotel!
We found out he was in town filming the new Wonder Woman movie and was staying at The Line!
In our chats with an employee they said they get many celeb’s there.  A few weeks prior Amy Schumer stayed there.
I did not go say Hi, but he was sitting on the same side of the restaurant as us.  I had just finished breakfast and sat back to look around.  I saw him and stared for a minute trying to figure out where I knew him from.  I immediately sat forward and said that guy there is famous, he was in the movie This Means War.  My SIL looked at him and said he does look like Chris Pine.  I could tell I was starting to make him feel uncomfortable cause he started to run his hands through his hair.  He was dressed in a white tee with sweatpants.  I wish I had to guts to take his pic from the front, but I was so worried I would offend him and I just love his acting.


Leave a comment with a restaurant or fun thing you have done while in DC.