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Exploring Mebane

This past weekend my cousin came to town. We had planned her visit for a month but things kept coming up.  So having her in town was so fun!  Our first adventure was to the Iron Gate Winery in Mebane.  I was happy and surprised there was a winery so close to me.  Plus tasting 11 different wine’s for $7 is a plus!

We were given a tour of the winery which included the history of the land and the owners.  Then we were taken to the tasting room where we were given a sheet with descriptions of each bottle we would sample.  This was so helpful in knowing what I liked and the under tones of the wine.  I loved 2 bottles, which I purchased.  My cousin and I each purchased a glass of wine for $5 and sat on the porch sipping our wine and enjoying the cheese, hummus, carrots, and cracker snack we packed.

I searched the website before we went to ensure our experience would be enjoyable and relaxing.  Knowing they didn’t have small plates or snacks we went to the farmer’s Market and purchased some goat cheese as a treat.  I packed my picnic backpack with items and off we went.  We spent about an hour at the winery chatting and sipping our wine.  Hands down a very enjoyable experience!