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Floating Deck

In my Movie Night post I shared all the fun you can do with pallets.  Well I wanted to go into more detail on our floating deck.
A floating deck is a deck that is not secured to anything, it sits on the ground or stones.
We decided to do a floating deck with our retired Whiskey Barrel so it wouldn’t deteriorate too fast.

I used Chalk Board paint on the top my husband built for the Whiskey Barrel, which allows me to create fun messages for my guests!

Stencil Revolution offers reusable stencils which are made in the US.
Their Story: “One of our founders started cutting stencils with a small laser cutter in his house at the end of 2016. Things took off pretty quickly and before long it became a full time business with nearly everyone in the family pitching in. Now we have three lasers and several employees all thanks to stencils.” I love helping local family owned business’, especially US based.  When they reached out to me about a collaboration I was excited to learn more.  To be honest the craft bug has hit me hard these past two months.  I knew their stencils would open so many options for me, like putting a pretty design on my barrel top!  I will share more crafts I do with these stencils.  I am thinking a cute garden bucket with “FarmHouse” on it.  It was a little difficult to color the smaller stencil with the fat chalk, I will be googling for chalk pencils!

Since the floating deck gets good sunlight I thought it was a perfect place to put my potted plants.  Plus it gives it a finished feel.

The key to a floating deck is board spacing and pallet size.  This deck actually has a hole under the barrel where the pallets don’t meet.  So make sure you know what you are putting on your pallet deck.  Also, it’s easy for your foot to turn or get caught when the boards are spaced widely like some of mine.  I recommend a rug or as I did put plants where you don’t want guests to walk.

Next I plan to paint a piece of wood with these stencils.  I have gotten so many idea’s from Pinterest on what to do with my stencils!