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Outdoor Movie Night

I knew for a long time I wanted to host an outdoor movie. With my husbands endless supply of palettes the sky is the limit, I am very fortunate. It started with the engagement party I threw in April. My husband says it is an out of control beast at this point. We have 9 palettes, 4 of which I made a floating deck for my retired whiskey barrel.

A very dear friend of ours is an AV specialist. He brought over outdoor speakers and the projector. You can rent one from your local library.  With his help our outdoor movie was like something you would experience at a paid public venue.

Some tips I want to share with you if you host an outdoor movie.

1.  Have plenty of options for seats and foot rest.

2.  Have citronella candles and bug spray all around.

3.  A basket of blankets are a necessity. You would be surprised how chilly it can get at night.

4.  Where alcoholic drinks are fun, make sure you offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. We had lemonade and sodas on hand.

5.  We had nine people and ate three bags of popcorn. There are many fun options for seasoning, but be prepared for your guest to prefer regular popcorn.

 Our screen is a 9‘ x 12‘ painters canvas/tarp. It worked perfectly stretched across scaffolding. I am aware most people do not have access to scaffolding. We recommend metal posts that you can drive into the ground unless you know a carpenter who can build a stand.

 We decided our outdoor movies would only be older films, so we played “Time bandits“ circa 1981. None of our guests had seen the movie, which made it fun.  The movie was such a success that everyone asked when we were having another movie night.

 In total we invested around $100, which will allow us many movie nights to come. Items purchased were the painters tarp, outdoor lights, citronella candles, popcorn seasoning, and a fire pit. We have found during outdoor events that S’mores are a huge success.

I hope I have given you a few ideas.