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At my Core

Tee / Shorts / Sandals / Hat / Bralett

Photography by Sharon

At my core I am a blue jeans and tee shirt kinda gal.  I enjoy dressing up but easy and comfortable are my go to.  I purchased these cotton shorts a month ago and I wear them non-stop.  My mom asked me if I fit in any of my other shorts because every time she sees me I am wearing these lol.  The are comfortable, cute, and have pockets!  Another item I am loving are these cut out BP tee’s.  They are affordable and so comfortable.  I have this style in 3 colors!  Then just give me a cute baseball hat and I’m ready for the weekend.  Usually you will see me dressed like this at the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning carrying my Ghana basket!  I saw a similar basket at the Farmer’s Market and immediately texted my SIL, who just so happened to be working in Ghana, and asked her to bring me one back.  It holds so much and I use it for so many things.  We went to my mom’s for the 4th and I packed it with my bowls of pasta salad, they stayed in place and traveled in the car nicely.  You can find similar baskets here and here (being I got mine from my SIL, I can only link a site I have not purchased from these sites so please research before you buy).

Another item I can’t live without in the summer is Off bug spray and Seresto K9/Feline Flea Collar.  Living in the country bugs and fleas are the real deal.  I joke we have super bugs because of the amount we get hit with.  No joke I can walk outside for 1 minute and have 5 misquotes land on me.  We also constantly battle fleas on our dog and cat.  Seresto is the only collar that actually keeps them at bay and lasts for 8 months so I don’t have to worry about reapplying a topical.  This is not a sponsored post, I believe in sharing products with you even without compensation.

What is your summer time go to?