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Cinco de Mayo

We are not big on celebrating any holiday.  We gather for Thanksgiving because my mom insists, but otherwise we avoid all holiday’s.  This year though I decided to make home made Guacamole for Cinco de Mayo.  I mean why not!  I don’t have to buy a gift for anyone, I don’t have to give a card.  It’s a simple holiday that can be fun at home.  So I am sharing with  you my simple and delicious Guacamole recipe! Read More »

Fabulous Friday!

I love out take pics…..  Also, this is perfect for “Hello Friday”
This post features my new affiliate collab with AUrate (opinions are my own).
I love the quality of their pieces!

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Steak Street Style Taco

I finally got B to eat ‘Mexican’ food!  His boss, who is from Mexico, introduced him to real mexican taco’s.  There is a restaurant close to the job site and they go all the time.  So I texted the boss and asked how he prepared taco’s at home.  I am sharing this with you in the hopes we can bring more non-taco lovers to our side.  First up, you will never buy taco seasoning again!  Second, forget ground beef!  Steak is where it’s at. Read More »

Bathroom Update

 Recently I have been updating my home. The main colors I typically decorate in our tan and maroon. After 16 years I am a little tired of the dark maroon. Recently I purchased a woven rug from McKenzie Child’s that was white and blue, I have since put that rug in my kitchen and decided shades of blue and aqua would be my new color scheme. I decided to start in the bathroom as my husband hates change and this would allow me to slowly introduce him to the new colors.

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Kimono Season

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My Favorite Things

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things with you.
Also, I feel bad for slacking this week on blogging.

First, up is this new Dry Shampoo.  I was using Dry Bar, and I love it.  I will totally continue using it on day 2 & 3, but I wanted something to extend my hair past day 5.  I saw this new dry shampoo on an InstaStory and had to try it, especially when the girl said she had day 6 hair.  So I got it, and tried it on Day 5 hair…..OMG my hair looks amazing.  Usually on day 5 I have to wear my hair up because it looks a little dirty.  With one application before bed on night 4 and a little touch up on the morning of 5 I was able to wear my hair down.  The texture is hard to explain, it’s defiantly dirty but visually it looks clean.  All in all I am happy and will continue to use it.  Defiantly a try if you have dark hair. Read More »

Linen Jogger

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