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Lessons with an Accountant – Budgets

Welcome back to my new monthly series “Lessons with an Accountant”
Today’s lesson is “Budgets – How do you make one and Stick to it!”
Disclaimer: I am an Accountant but not a CPA, please consult your CPA before making any financial decisions.

The story of the tortes and the hair, should be your story when working with a budget.  
Slow and steady wins every time.
What is a Budget?

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Closet Staples

Sweatshirt and a Dress

Happy New Year!!!

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Lessons with an Accountant – Taxes

I have cut back on blogging in order to re-organize my thoughts and the direction of Wine & Couture.  I have primarily blogged about Fashion.  This past year I included more Life Style posts like Recipes and Travel posts.  I know you are wondering what is going on.  Heck, even I want to know.  What is Wine & Couture?   Is it a Style Blog?  Is it a Food Blog?  Where will 2018 take Wine & Couture?
Let’s be honest…..I have pretty good style but not the budget that goes with my taste.  I have really loved sharing with you my outfits and what items I am purchasing.  Sadly in 2018 I have to stop spending.  I found I was shopping for new items out of envy.  Ever do that?  See someone else with something and you have to have it, no other reason than you want to be like them.  Well I’m not, I am me…..which is probably why I don’t earn hardly any money on my linked products and why companies typically collaborate with me 1 time.  I am not a sales person, I am an Accountant!  So that is where Wine & Couture is going to change.  I will share at least 1 outfit post a month (but who’s kidding who, I love sharing my clothes so it may be 2-3).  I will also work on sharing healthy recipes for the whole family at least 1 time a month.  What is new will be “Lessons with an Accountant”.  I hope to post at least 1 time a month something that I have learned in my 8+ years as an Accountant.

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New Years Outfit

Christmas Outfit

Cold Weather Wish List

I don’t know about you but I hate being cold.  I wear layers and scarves all winter.  At work I have a small space heater, and at home I live under a blanket when I am not cooking.
My go to outfit is usually leggings with boots.

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