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Hump Day – Fun Day

Purse / Coin Purse / Flats / Puff
I love blogging, but during tax season it’s hard to put in the time.  Yes, blogging takes time.  You don’t just snap pictures and throw them up.  Even though when I am rushed I am guilty of doing.  I have to link my outfit items.  Write something meaningful for you to read.  I mean you don’t come here just to see what I am wearing.  Some of my readers are family members, other’s friends, and the rest of you are my fashion soul sisters.  I started this blog as an outlet for my fun fashion sense and budget shopping tip platform.  It has grown as I have over the years.  I have refined my style and changed what I like.  The older I get the more serious I want people to take me and I feel that starts with how I look.  I totally envy those women who get this figured out in their 20’s.  Hey better late than never though.  So on to fun things!  I have a very simple life (Work, School, Home, and back again), however there are times I do things fun and I enjoy sharing them with you.
Recent events:
Recently I have been getting out more.  Like this past weekend I took my mom shopping for new clothing.  Due to her Parkinson’s it’s hard for her to get undressed without help.  So I offered to take her.  I knew I would have more patience than her sweet husband, and we could spend time together.  Not to mention I am the first to say something doesn’t look good.  Gotta keep my momma looking good!  After shopping at Chico’s we hit up Trader Joe’s.  I love their flower options and the prices are Amazing!   I mean $5.99 for a big bouquet.  We ended the day grilling out with our men and playing Cards Against Humanity.  Saturday was also my Nephew’s 7th Birthday!  So it was great we were all together when my sister FaceTime’d me so I could see and chat with him.
 These are my favorite and go to items lately.  First let’s address my Jewelry – Kendra Scott.  I have seriously fallen in love with her jewelry and I have gotten it all on mark down (which helps!).  Because the items I purchase are on mark down it’s hard to find exact items online but I have tried.
Makeup:  My skin has changed and is now dry.  It use to be oily (sometimes very oily).  So naturally I needed to change my makeup and skin routine.  I searched and searched through the internet and blogs on suggestions for foundations and other products for dry skin.  I am not one who will spend money on a product I’m not sure will work.  It’s like wasting money to me because I am embarrassed to return an item after I used it.  Anyhow,  lately I have been loving Sephora (not to mention getting points by going through Ebates).  I ordered the Este Lauder (I’m a Creamy Tan) full coverage foundation and snagged their deal of the week a Clinic foundation stick.  With the Este Lauder I use a makeup sponge that’s damp to apply and then go behind with the Clinic stick to blend and lighten.  I opted for the tan Este Lauder because I knew Spring was coming and I tan so easily.
  My go to Highlighter, Blush, and Under Eye Concealer are all Becca.  A little goes a long way.  It’s defiantly worth the price!  My SIL actually suggested I try Becca when she and my Brother gave me a Sephora gift card for my birthday last year!  So glad I listened to her.  The makeup lasts all day and looks amazing!

Beauty Product Review

I love a messy bun.  It looks cute with little to no effort.  I have so much hair and it’s thick, so my messy bun only stays some what controlled with about 6 bobby pins!  I saw a girl talk about these bun spiral pins on Snap and thought I would give it a try.  It took a minute to get use to putting them in correctly so they grabbed the hair, but when I did, it held!  (like shaking your head to your jam hold).
Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin, Colors May Vary- 1 pair
I purchased these bun spiral pins at Target for $5.99

Defiantly a must in my beauty arsenal.

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Makeup Finds

These 7 items are a must for any women!  They are easy to use products that give amazing results.
I originally got a sample of the BareMinerals and Benefit primers.  I have to say hands down they are the best I have tried.  The BareMinerals has cleared up some strange acne I was starting to get on my cheek bones.  The Benefit Porefessional made it so makeup would stay on my nose.  I have no idea why foundation doesn’t want to stay on my nose but by lunch there is none left and I don’t touch my nose during the day.  My foundation go to is MAC Pro Longwear because my skin is oily.
As I have gotten older I have noticed the bags under my eyes are getting worse.  This is something I have noticed in all the women in my family, so being proactive I have been trying different products to see what will help.  So far Becca Under Eye Brighter has been the only to work.  I use a makeup sponge to lightly blot under my eyes, a little goes a long way!  Hands down the two Becca items I have tried have been amazing and very little is needed.  Like with the Shimmer powder.  I got it for my birthday and have been in love.  I am able to do an amazing “strobbing” effect as well as general daily shimmer to highlight my cheek bones.
Mascara is amazing but I have noticed my lashes look longer when I use a primer.  The Urban Decay has been the easiest to use so far.  I have tried both professional and drugstore brands and I am in love with how long my lashes look with Urban Decay!
Lastly I have tried several brands of setting spray.  I always go back to Urban Decay.  It’s the only one that spray’s evenly and really sets my makeup to last all day!  Not to mention it helps control the oil.  With all the makeup I use the one that won’t come off easily is Mascara.  I have tried several types of eye remover and the Sephora brand remover is easy to use and doesn’t irritate my eyes after.
I hope this gives you some idea’s for those ladies in your life you aren’t sure what to get for Christmas!  Plus you can always give 2nd day Free shipping for an entire year with Sephora for only $10!  I got this for myself and have loved getting gifts for friends without going to the mall or paying for shipping!
What makeup do you love or swear by?

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Irresistible Me

Irresistible Me is a new hair extension company.
With long thick hair I have been curious about extensions but didn’t want to spend the money only to find they weren’t for me.  (Bonus they are offering 20% off your first order with GET20OFF)
Irresistible Me has extensions that are both high quality and affordable!  So I will be purchasing a few wefts soon and see how I like them.  In the mean time they asked me to try their 8 in 1 Wand.
If you have watched my beauty video’s you know I love curling my hair.  I have to be honest my curling iron was super old.  I had thought about buying a new one but wasn’t sure what size or type to get.  There are so many options out there.  What I love most about the Irresistible Me 8 in 1 is the versatility, and quick heat feature.  If you follow on IG you have seen my hair curled with 3 of the wands.
Here is a quick video of how quickly the wand works and how cute my hair turned out.
OH best part was I went to a photo shoot after doing this video and my hair held the curl through 10 outfit changes!  This never happens for me, my hair always falls when I leave the house no mater how much hairspray I use.

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I have wanted a Selma tote since they first came out.  However spending $350+ on a purse just doesn’t fit into my life.  I am forever trying to find the same trends and items for less.  Which is why I consign.  Tradesy is my biggest online place to shop.  They take very little commission and the seller set’s the price.  As a seller I find this site the best to work with.  As a buyer I feel good giving someone the true value of their item!  All purchases are backed and returnable to Tradesy so I don’t feel concern when buying designer online.
Today I thought I would share all the things I keep in my Selma!
When I see a woman carrying a large tote I wonder what on earth she could carry in it!
These are my main staples (not shown pens and AA batteries [life of a blogger]).
Of course I usually put my lunch in here when heading to work and any special item I need.
Pictured above:  Cosmetic Pouch (gift), Flip Flop Nail Kit, Business Card Holder, Lilly Sunglass holder, MK Snake Skin Wallet, Lilly Planner, Lilly Earbuds, Magazine (or any reading material)
These three were what I got at the TriFabb Lilly Pulitzer Event.
I have to admit that Marly had to show me what the sunglass case was.

In my costmetic bag I carry a battery back up for my cell, Moleskin, it Brow Power, Stress Relief aroma oils, Mac Lip colors (here and here), Gerard Cosmetics Gloss, and a hair tie.
I love keeping things simple and these items are always needed in my daily life.
What go to items do you keep in your purse?

Brown Eyed Girl

I did these close ups so you could see how flawless my skin looks!
The one above gives you a good idea of my eye shadow, brow, and liner.
Below is a general all over flawlessness.
I hadn’t put on lipstick yet because I wanted you to focus on the coverage.

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Summer Glow

New technique to me called strobbing.
Instead of contouring with bronzer try a highlighter for a soft summer glow.
Highlighter – Becca Opal
Foudation ELF / Concealer Cover Girl / Blush ELF / Rimmel Stay Matte
Hope you learned something new!
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Makeup Routine / Tutorial

I mentioned yesterday that I filmed a makeup tutorial.
Due to computer issues I wasn’t able to make it pretty.
Hope you enjoy and learn something new!

Angel mentioned – Glow Highlighter, SnapChat (mac.papi), His video’s here (I watched the free class first.)
Products I use:
Not mentioned in video is Mascara – First I apply this and then go over with this.
What product do you swear by?
Thanks for watching!
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July 4th with RegenFX

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All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.
There is nothing I care more about that my skin, in particular my face.
Not to sound self absorbed, but I don’t want to be wrinkly when I’m 60!
I use RegenFX to keep my skin healthy and happy!
These three bottles are all I need.  The smallest is for Eye care, the Largest is perfect for hydrating my skin, and the last is Age Defying!  I was asked to try this product and fell in love.  The Hydrating serum has a mint feel and scent.  It’s like a spa treatment.  The eye gel worked perfect for my sensitive eyes, and the Age Defying made my skin feel tighter and younger.
I am 36, but you would be surprised how quickly the signs of aging will hit!
Here is my face freshly cleaned with the above three products applied.
Doesn’t my skin look radiant?
This year for the 4th my Hubby and I are going to West Virginia to visit with my Bro and SIL (sister-in-law) they have been living in Africa for the last 2 years.  It will be nice to see them.
Being the fashionista I am I will be wearing dress’.  I snagged this dress from Wal-Mart!  I was shocked too.

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