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Perfect Henley

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Fabulous Friday!

I love out take pics…..  Also, this is perfect for “Hello Friday”
This post features my new affiliate collab with AUrate (opinions are my own).
I love the quality of their pieces!

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Kimono Season

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Linen Jogger

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Spring Must Have’s

I love Spring. The sun, flowers, and warmer weather. I also love the new styles I can add to my closet. Here are a few items I am crushing on.
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Espadrille Sneaker

As you can tell from Tuesday’s post I am off schedule this week.  This past weekend I did so much school work, taxes, gardening, and spending time with my husband I missed getting organized for this week’s posts.  Thank you for understanding.  Today is “Fashion Friday” on Thursday.

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Perfect Jacket

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Getting Dressed with Cladwell

Recently I learned of an app that is making my life easy!
Cladwell App
(this is Not a sponsored post)
Basically it’s your whole closet in an app, then based on the day of the week and weather 3 outfit options are given to you.
Yes, you can select your own outfit from the thousand possibles in your closet.  As you can see I have 28K possible outfits!  For me this really puts things into perspective.  I have so much in my wardrobe!

Up front, this app does have a monthly recurring fee of $7.99.  You do get a 3 day free trial. Read More »

Knit Layers

Cold Weather Wish List

I don’t know about you but I hate being cold.  I wear layers and scarves all winter.  At work I have a small space heater, and at home I live under a blanket when I am not cooking.
My go to outfit is usually leggings with boots.

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