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Ruffle Sleeves

Classy Shift

Simple Shifts are the Best

Sporty Work Attire

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Sweatshirt Dress

Dress / Shoes / Bag / Hat

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LBD Holiday Style

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That Casual Dress

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1 Dress 3 Styles

1 Dress – 3 Ways
I wanted to share how to make the most out of a simple black dress. Read More »


Halie’s Boutique for all items except Jacket and Sandals
( all items are available via phone order )
I am loving everything about this outfit!  Halie’s selected this dress for me to try…..It’s amazing.  Like butter!  So soft and comfortable.  It’s a Z Supply brand dress.  I will be adding one of every color to my wardrobe!  It will look so cute with my stock of cardigan’s at work or in a more casual manner like worn here.

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Haley – Halie

Hat and Wedges last year
Here is my first outfit with my collaboration with Halie’s Boutique.  I received this dress a few weeks ago.  Where it is soft and comfortable to wear, it is not appropriate by itself (see through).  I had been to Halie’s Boutique and saw this shirt.  I knew I had to have it!  First it’s pink!  Second it’s longer in the back!  Third it has the tucked look.  So naturally when I was getting things together for this shoot I knew exactly what I wanted to pair together for my first look!  So cute and perfect for a day at the beach, or a concert, or any casual outing.  When the owner started gathering jewelry to pair with it I was so excited to see she pulled a key necklace.  I have been wanting one but wasn’t sure which to purchase.  So being able to wear a few of the styles and lengths helped!  
You can call and order anything you see and they will ship it.

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